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Maverick Tackle is your online source for the finest offshore lures, spreader bars, squid rigs, daisy chains, teasers and more. We offer premium, field tested lures for Giant bluefin, School Tuna, Yellowfin, Shark, Marlin or Cod. Inshore, we have all the necessary tackle, knowledge, and resources to help you be one of the top hooks wherever you fish for Striped Bass (Stripers/Rockfish), Bluefish, Blackfish (tautog) and Fluke.

We are your best source for Carlson FuKu squid and squid bird bars.

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Maverick Tackle is offering a great opportunity to purchase our top quality squid at a fraction above our cost. You can search but will never find top quality squid at these prices.
9 " @ 1.15 each. 11" @ 1.40 each. 13 " @ 2.10 each
. These squid are available while supplies last in the following colors: Black, Zuchinni, Sandeel, Glow, Green, Hot Tomato, Pearl, Shrimp. Due to freight considerations there is a minimum order of $10.00. To order click here.

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Hard Head Lures

In looking forward to the 2014 fishing season I reviewed what worked in 2013. Early on the hot tuna rig to have in the water was the Carlson Sluggo Bar or black/red Carlson Birdbar with 11" black squid teasers and a glow stinger. We have all been looking for that special rig that would mimic the sand eels and squid that the bluefin love so much. These are the rigs!

In the Canyons the hottest bar was the 5" Hard Head. Either green or purple trolled from the end of white water to the third wave was deadly. The rigs had a 9" Resin Head Lure of the same color for a stinger.

At the same time in the early weeks of June the traditional squid colors were producing. During the early season the brighter colors like rainbow were catching East of Chatham. But others I talked to said they were getting bites early on Black with Green Glow stingers. The smaller fish were three to four miles off Chatham with the bigger fish on Crab Ledge out to the BC Buoy. I would expect the tuna to be here by the first week of June based on their arrival in Rhode Island and Massachusetts the past few seasons.

The Striper bite in RI began in April for schoolies with the big boys right behind. On Cape Cod school after school of Striped Bass arrived in May with our custom umbrella rig, soft plastics and jigs doing the trick.

We are partnered with the best manufacturers of premium high quality saltwater fishing tackle. I have field tested all of the tackle we sell on the charter boat Maverick If we don't fish it we don't sell it!

We wish you tightlines and above all a fun and safe offshore fishing trip.

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Maverick Tackle is featuring the bars shown below. We welcome your input as to what rigs work and what else you would like to see us make.

 Offshore Bar 7" & 9" Squid
 Offshore Bar 12" Squid
 Offshore Bar 15" Squid
 Offshore Bar
18" Squid
Perfect bar for fishing the Canyons where small bait is prevalent. With 20 squids or 5" bullet heads on the bar, it is sure to attract any pelagic fish near by. This is a great all-around rig, as virtually every size fish feeds on squid up to 12". This bar has caught fish from the North Atlantic to the Caribbean This is Carlson's most popular size squid. The 15"squids are perfect for medium to large Tuna. These bars are rigged with 400 lb main line and 250 lb side lines to prevent the squids from tangling. This bar is designed for Giant Tuna but has also become popular for medium to large tuna anglers who prefer a large bait. Each bar is rigged with 400 lb mono main line and a heavy duty ball bearing swivel to allow quick changes for stinger baits.
 "Bird Man" Squid Bar
 Machine Bar

Ballyhoo  Bar

Hard Head Bar
This bar was created when the 2 most popular fishing methods were joined. The result? One of the most effective bars being fish today. As the bar is trolled, the bird plows through the water creating a wave of white water which the squids swim behind.

Green Machines are a very popular lure to
catch fish, and this is the ultimate way to
fish them. An entire bar made up of 9" Carlson machines with a 12" removable Carlson machine stinger

Carlson’s new ballyhoo bar is one of the hottest rigs now being fished. Great action by the swimming ballyhoo with a skirted ballyhoo as a stinger. The stinger is removable to allow you to use switch baits quickly.

This bar was the hottest lure in the 2010 Canyon season. It features 20 5" Bullet Head Machines with a 9" Resin Head stinger of the same color combo. All colors include foil finish on 1/3 of the lure.

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